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Business build of fascination

Our company has over 10 years experience in manufacturing car parts made of fiberglass. Since 2005 we deliver our UK and worldwide customers with best quality spoilers, bumpers and skirts. 3 years back we decided that it is time to move on and take responsibility for the holistic transformations of high end cars - and today you can find us as a one of the leading European manufacturers of body kits designed for high end cars.

To meet the world’s rigorous testing, the most SLS Motors products are built to the highest standards and all exceed the German TÜV testing requirement. A multitude of hours and complex tests are needed to ensure that a maximum performance, durability, highest quality, perfect fit and technical excellence are united.

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Work philosophy

After countless hours of development and refinement of the company to perfection, every product is designed so that the existing aesthetics and features of the vehicles are perfectly integrated into the new kits. The results are timeless classics that combine European style, individuality and quality with modern technology.

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